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ADHD Alternative Medicine Review
EEG Biofeedback in Schools
Effects on Primary Systems of ADHD

Protein and the Brain

ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bibliography: Studies dealing with the use of Neurofeedback with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Brainwave Neurofeedback for Autism: Can It Help?

Neurofeedback: Helping Those with Autistic Disorders

Neurofeedback for the Autism Spectrum

Neurofeedback Training Elicits Behavioral Improvements in Individuals with ASD

Neurofeedback Training Normalizes Imaging Patterns in Autism Brains
School-Based Neurofeedback for Autistic Spectrum Disorder


UCLA Study


Neurofeedback Anxiety Affective Disorders
Neurofeedback Anxiety and Depression

Autism / Aspergers

Aspergers Case Study
Autism Connectivity Guided Neurofeedback
Autism Journal Neuropathy
Autism QEEG Based Neurofeedback
Mild Autism Neurofeedback

Chronic Pain

Neurofeedback and Pain fMRI
Neurofeedback Fibromyalgia
Neurofeedback in Pain Management
Neurofeedback Pain Medication
Neurofeedback Treatment for Pain

General Studies

Chronic Fatigue
Critical Validation Studies of Neurofeedback

Efficacy Studies
What is Neurofeedback
Position Paper QEEG
Position Paper
Standards of Practice for Neurofeedback


Higher Death Risk with Sleeping Pills
Insomnia Drugs Associated with Cancer and Mortality
Neurofeedback for Insomnia
Neurofeedback Insomnia Sleep Spindles
Neurofeedback Insomnia Trends
Sleeping Pills and Risk of Death


Memory and Aging
Memory and Nerofeedback
Memory and TBI
Neurofeedback and Cognitive Performance


Neurofeedback with 37 Migraineurs

Peak Performance

Cellist Achieves Optimal Performance Through Neurofeedback
Efficacy of Neurofeedback for Peak Performance
General Neurofeedback and Peak Performance
Journal American Board of Sports Psychology
Neurofeedback Improves Musical Performance
Optimizing Surgical Skills with Neurofeedback

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Peniston PTSD

Scientific Research

Activation Asymmetry Reflects Cognitive Biases in Anxiety
Assymetry Train
Default Network Buckner et al
EEG Image Tool
Knyazev Delta
Low Choer Connectivity
Neurophysiologic Basis of EEG
Pascual – Leone Compensation Neurosci
The Networks


Concepts and Clinical Findings