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INDY Neurofeedback has created this new blog as a way to share information and news that’s pertinent to you and your family’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Look for news, tips, information, ideas, and support on a host of topics including how neurofeedback works for children, teens and adults — addressing everything from improving memory and concentration to reducing performance anxiety and increasing self-confidence.

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How Regular Exercise Benefits Your Brain

It’s fairly well known that research studies are finding that…

How We Process Learning Intentionally And Unintentionally Is Very Different

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Walking Backward And Brain Function

According to a fascinating recent Harvard University Psychology…
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How We Breathe Influences Brain Functions And Behavior

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Are Male And Female Brains Different?

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Non-Prescription Help With Adult ADHD

Although many associate ADHD or ADD diagnosis with children,…

Brain Mapping Can Identify ADHD

In 2013, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first…
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Neurons, The Amazing Building Blocks Of Our Brains

“The human brain is nothing short of amazing,” says Leanne…