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Please enjoy INDY Neurofeedback’s Blog! We will be sharing information and news that’s pertinent to you and your family’s mental and physical health and wellbeing, and sometimes just fun and interesting! The bottom-line is we actively research and pursue continuing education as it is crucial in this field.

Look for news, tips, information, ideas, and support on a host of topics including how neurofeedback works for children, teens and adults — addressing everything from improving memory and concentration to reducing performance anxiety and increasing self-confidence.

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Immune System

In light of Covid-19, many have probably heard of the importance…
plugged in brain
Our brains are nothing short of amazing. We know! We get…
Happy senior woman with closed eyes wearing headphones and singing

Is Music Good for Brain Health?

In a word, yes. Listening to music, playing music, dancing…

Chronic Pain Affects COVID-19 Symptoms

Those experiencing chronic pain, may not only be more susceptible…

Can Taking Supplements Help with Memory and Focus?

Pop up ads for memory-enhancements bombard us today. The…

Can COVID-19 Impact the Brain?

New information is emerging in COVID-19 hospital research showing…
woman happily reading alone

Are You an Introvert?

There’s been some recent buzz on the Internet about introverts.…

Breathing, Your Brain, and the Coronavirus

Over the past 20 years, we’ve begun to understand how intensely…

Migraines Explored

Contrary to popular belief, migraines are more complicated that…