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Please enjoy INDY Neurofeedback’s Blog! We will be sharing information and news that’s pertinent to you and your family’s mental and physical health and wellbeing, and sometimes just fun and interesting! The bottom-line is we actively research and pursue continuing education as it is crucial in this field.

Look for news, tips, information, ideas, and support on a host of topics including how neurofeedback works for children, teens and adults — addressing everything from improving memory and concentration to reducing performance anxiety and increasing self-confidence.

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Self Compassion -- Stress Relief That Lasts

Stress -- the feeling of being overwhelmed by your to-do…
diet soda pop

Diet soda + 10 years = increased risk of dementia & stroke 

Diet soda + 10 years = increased risk of dementia & stroke  Recently,…

Learn to Quiet Your Brain -- and Live Longer

Those of us at INDY Neurofeedback were fascinated with a new…

Slow Walking, Slow Mind?

What is the pace of your usual walk? Brisk and peppy, or slow-paced?…

Persistent Bullying Can Damage Adolescent Brains

Bullying adversely affects millions of young children and adolescents.…

Protect Your Brain by Lowering Your BMI

Losing a few pounds may help you stay sharp, according to…

Your Dog Can Understand Word Meaning, Not Just Intonation

Thanks to behavioral science and the fMRI, we now know that dogs…

How Screams Trigger Our Brains 

Why is it that a high-pitched scream causes us to drop everything…

How Your Brain Reacts to Fright

Why do some of us like getting a good scare now and then? When…