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    Our training activity is simple, painless, drug-less and non-invasive.
    Simply put, it is exercise for the brain!

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Neurofeedback FAQ

What is Neurofeedback? How Does the therapy it work?


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Though the technology is quite complex, the training activity is simple, painless, drugless and non-invasive.
Simply put, it is exercise for the brain!

Surface electrodes are placed on the scalp and brain wave activity is transmitted to the computer software. Auditory and visual feedback is provided instantly, so that the client sees and hears representations of their brain in action. The client is instructed to observe the auditory and visual feedback and allow the nervous system to reset itself based on that feedback. As the nervous system reorganizes itself based on this instantaneous information, the patterns begin to normalize. Over the course of 20-30 training sessions, neuroplastic modifications take place resulting in the brain’s ability to self-regulate, maintain flexibility, and smoothly shift between states of relaxation and arousal. Since the brain also controls attention regulation, emotional regulation, and affect regulation, this ultimately allows the central nervous system to resume normal functioning. Many disorders are caused by poorly functioning patterns in the brain. Extensive research shows that the brain can restructure itself, and learn adaptive patterns at any age. Read more about Neurofeedback research HERE.

Neurofeedback Therapy is a Drugless & Non-Invasive Option For …

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