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The 6 Concussion Symptoms You Should NOT Ignore

Brain injuries are much in the news — and for good reason. Recent research shows that even a single concussion can have long term health consequences, such as structural brain damage. Brain damage can lead to depression and anxiety as well as a host of other symptoms including chronic headaches, memory issues, inability to control […]

Head Injuries and Suicide

At just 23 years old, Kelly Catlin was already an American professional racing cyclist, artist and violinist. She won a silver medal for cycling in the 2016 Summer Olympics and gold medals in the women’s team pursuit in 2016, 2017, and 2018 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. Catlin took her own life at Stanford University […]

12 Facts you Probably Didn’t Know About Your Brain

At INDY Neurofeedback, we are completely fascinated with understanding how the brain functions. But we don’t study the brain just to understand it better. We use technology and neurofeedback to help people learn more about their individual brain function to help them use their brains more effectively and productively. For instance, INDY Neurofeedback can help […]

Your Brain and Memories

Do you remember watching the video of that first passenger plane crashing into the World Trade Tower over and over again the day of September 11th, 2001? Most of us think that’s what we saw as we learned of the attacks. But most of us have remembered this incorrectly. Because we saw that footage hundreds […]

New studies show Neurofeedback can reduce pain and increase quality of life for cancer patients

A new study from the renowned University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center researching neuropathic pain found that cancer patients using neurofeedback experienced less chronic pain and an increase in the quality of life. The 71-person study was designed by the department of Palliative, Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine. The research began by isolating the location […]

The Fascinating Brain-Gut Connection

As you eat your dinner, some pretty fascinating things are going on in your body that go well beyond filling your stomach and keeping your body fueled. As you swallow, multiple enzymes in your gastrointestinal tract release the nutrients from your food into your bloodstream and deliver them to the muscles and organs in your […]